Seedlings and plugs

planting small plants in paper wraps

Its that time of year when sowing, pricking out, planting up and starting to harden up plants is in full swing before the young ones are let out into the field! We’ve sown thousands of flower seeds both annual and perennial for this year’s cut flower harvest – but time is moving very fast and so much more to do!

When you’re looking for quick progress then sometimes its easier to buy in micro-plug plants and grow them on. We’ve had some good results with these plugs from Thompson Morgan in the past and they can be quite reasonably priced working out around 30 pence per plant (not including P&P). Be sure to be at home when the delivery comes though – they need opening, misting and potting up right away. In the autumn when we’d lots of time we made up these paper plug pots which can be planted straight out without disturbing the roots – easy!

plug plants