Guinea Keet rescue!

We recently had some guinea fowl eggs and they began hatching at the weekend. Its looking like the poor weather has affected hatching as we only got 6 keets (GF chicks) this time and one was decidedly a weak one.

guinea fowl keets

So what to do? First off I popped them in the brooder to see how they fared when they were all warmed up – but the weak one still looked pretty pathetic… Awwww

keets in brooder

So there was only one thing for it – into the bra goes sickly keet with the hope a little body temperature and skin-to-skin would do its magic.. thankfully this pic is a bit dark!

chick in bra

Well the little mite isn’t out of the woods yet – but its had water now and even a sup of raw egg yolk so I’m hopeful – and definitely standing much better now and is back in the brooder – so fingers crossed! Aww what a sad little chap!

recovering keet