The Woodland Farm Charcoal


Pembrokeshire charcoal for sale at The Woodland Farm – Haverfordwest, West Wales

Nestled at The Rhos village in The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Not far from Picton Castle and Slebech Park.
Our woodland & farm are managed sustainably & the hardwood trees are used to make high quality charcoal in our 8ft traditional ring kiln.

The charcoal is graded out of the kiln over a 25mm mesh screen. High quality pieces go into the bag. Perfect for cooking on a BBQ and for restaurants.

Charcoal for sale

Available direct from the farm
Price 1x 2kg bag £7

How do I light the charcoal?

Place scrunched up paper under the charcoal and set light to it. Wait 10 minutes before you begin cooking.

 Fire lighters or lighting fluid are not required.

The ethics of locally made charcoal

We were shocked to find over 90% of UK charcoal is imported from Africa and South America. A large proportion is cut from non-sustainable sources such as tropical rainforest

When you buy local & truly sustainably produced British charcoal there are zero air & shipping miles

Our woodland management helps an increasingly rich and varied habitat. This is being enjoyed by an increasing amount of wildlife



After grading the lumpwood BBQ charcoal into bags ready for sale. Small charcoal pieces and fines fall through the mesh and we grind this into a fine dust. This becomes biochar. We add biochar to our nitrogen rich compost heap before putting it onto our horticulture beds. We also add biochar to our guinea & chicken coops to collect the phosphates before adding this to the compost.

 Biochar is used as a soil improver and can endure in soil for thousands of years

In light of the seriousness of Climate Change producing biochar sustainably is considered to be one of the best practical solutions towards sequestering carbon.

What does biochar carbon sequestration mean?

Trees grow by turning sunlight, CO2, water and nutrients into wood… water is removed from the wood by heating at very high temperatures (baking the wood) and the end product is charcoal (which is carbon). 
When the charcoal/carbon is added to soil this locks the carbon into the ground. We add the smaller fines to our farm compost & horticulture beds

In a nutshell; the carbon is a physical form of CO2 & the sequestration is the long-term storage

Why does my BBQ food taste nasty after using supermarket charcoal?

Charcoal is often available to buy cheaply at various supermarkets and garage forecourts. This charcoal often originates from Tropical hardwood trees, which grow very dense…. as a result it can be very difficult to light without using an accelerant impregnated in the charcoal. The flavour of your barbecue food can be tainted with those nasty chemicals

British grown trees do not grow as dense so are far better suited towards making a high quality and easy to light charcoal

What’s wrong with using briquettes?

Briquettes don’t only contain charcoal, here’s a few ingredients:

  • Wood charcoal (fuel)
  • Lignite coal (fuel)
  • Anthracite coal (fuel)
  • Limestone (ash colourant)
  • Starch (binder)
  • Borax (release agent)
  • Sodium nitrate (accelerant)
  • Sawdust (possibly pressure treated)
  • Wax (some brands: binder, accelerant, ignition facilitator)
  • Chaff (rice chaff and peanut chaff)

….it’s probably not a good idea to cook your food over those ingredients!

Where can I buy The Woodland Farm charcoal?

Pembrokeshire charcoal is for sale directly from us at the farm or from our local outlets (see below). If you would like to stock our charcoal in your shop please get in touch for wholesale prices

The Veg Patch  34-36 High Street, St Davids SA62 6SD  Tel: 01437 729220

Hook General Stores Hook, Haverfordwest SA62 4NB Tel: 01437 890334

Maybe we are too far from you?
Please look up & support your nearest sustainable, local British charcoal maker. Alot of them are listed on this Devon Charcoal website