Flowers News

  • Local flowers for DIY brides

    21st August 2014

    Choosing the style of your wedding and making sure flowers, food and decor fit the theme is one of the…

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  • Flowers for Remembrance

    5th August 2014

    This weekend saw the annual occasion of The Rhos Horticulture Show held on the lawned entranceway to Picton Castle. It was also the…

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  • Flower Festival – Haverfordwest

    25th July 2014

    This weekend we supplied some of our locally grown flowers to the fabulous Spirals Florists in Haverfordwest destined for one of…

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  • Rose petal jelly

    1st July 2014

    The wonderful thing about having heavily scented old fashioned roses is that they make very excellent rose petal jam, jelly…

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