We have 16 acres of mixed broadleaf woodlands here at The Woodland Farm. As well as being a fantastic wildlife haven, managing the woodlands is essential for woodland produce. Here you can find news of our coppice works, trees, timber and tools. In 2014 we’re starting new woodland activities, creating woodland products, constructing a timber frame barn and selective felling conifers for woodland health.

Latest news

  • Charcoal

    14th September 2019

    The Woodland Farm is nestled at The Rhos village within The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. 
We’re not far from the…

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  • Guinea Keet rescue!

    5th July 2016

    We recently had some guinea fowl eggs and they began hatching at the weekend. Its looking like the poor weather has…

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  • Nesting birds – honest!

    26th June 2015

    So after working hard over winter to complete the first year of our Glastir Entry tasks (which is all about helping…

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  • Pembrokeshire Wedding Festival Flowers

    8th November 2014

    Last weekend we were invited to take our flowers from the Woodland Farm to join a small group of exhibitors for the…

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